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Social Responsability

Donation of 223kg of clothes and toys to those who need the most

2020 was a rough year to all, without exception.

For a brief moment we all made a pause on our lives - we stopped, the world stopped.

We put the events, company dinners and big gatherings on hold; we stopped sharing moments, stopped celebrating victories.

But, on the other end, we further refined our sense of social responsability, were it not for one of the great pillars of our essence, and supported the local commerce (Casa Verde - Sociedade comercial de tecidos, Lda, Eunitecidos, Celly Confecções and many others) through buying blankets, gloves and beanies and we made a donation collection open to the public, which gathered 223kg of clothes and toys, to donate to those who need it the most.

2020 was a rough year to all, but together we made the difference.
In 2021 we will continue!


#yourtimeisnow 🧡

Hospital de Faro - Doação de 2000 chocolates

December 10th was pampering day to this year (and not only) heroes. The ones who combat in the front line - the men and women, the fathers and mothers, the brothers and friends!
We know this are some hard times and, however far we are, the love is always present and ours was in form of a 2000 chocolate donation to the Hospital De Faro staff, to sweeten their day.

Thank you all: doctors, nurses, auxiliaries and all the staff who work daily, in the health area, for not lowering your arms!

G.A.T.O. - 2400 protection masks delivery

Within the scope of Social Responsability, TIMING donated 2400 protection masks to G.A.T.O., in order to make up for the lack of this type of equipment and aiming to help all the needy households identified by this institution.

O G.A.T.O. – Grupo de Ajuda a Toxicodependentes is a non profit Social Responsability Institution, based in Faro, that develops actions in the Primary Prevention and Treatment and Social Reinsertion areas.

They operate and the prevention, treatment and (re)insertion of people with licit and illicit drug consumption, children and young people at risk and other less fornunate population, as well as promoting the gender equality betwenn men and women.

The technical team is constituted by 9 technicians of complementary areas, namely: Social Security, Comunitary Education and Clinical Psycology and 6 helpers of Direct Action who perform systematic care, social diagnosis, home visits, psychosocial follow-up, Insertion Plans elaboration and follow-up as well as the articulation with other directly or indirectly involved entities in the referred aggregates insertion process.

Little by little, we know we are contribution to a chance in the world.

Make your contribution! Together we make a difference!

1000 protection masks donated to C.A.S.A

In a time in which the COVID-19 prevention is still so important, Timing People - Temporary Work Agency donated 1000 protection masks to the Homeless Support Center. This is a time in whice we should be a part, but at the same time, more closed than ever!!


The satisfaction of our clients, the wellbeing of our staff and the co-operation of our suppliers are key elements that moves us towards excellence.

However, our commitment to people goes further.

We believe we are socially responsible towards the communities in which we are inserted, and we take actions that aim its sustainable development.

We intend to contribute not only to the local economic growth but also, implement activities which show our commitment in the conception of a fair and humane developed society.

The environment concerns, also ocupy our thoughts and our behaviour. We, Timing, want to garantee a healthy future for the coming generations and we commit ourselfs before this ideal.

We are all part of a society, and consider that the social responsibility is essential within our activity.

Fire Brigade Corps of Faro

TIMING is assumed as a company with an active role in the Social Responsibility.

When once again the country is experiencing the drama of the fire, the organization felt compelled to help those who every day are at the forefront of this battle. So, last August 10 were delivered to the Fire Brigade Corps of Faro 1457 liters of water that will be distributed in places where they are most needed.

Timing believes that if all civil society mobilizes with small gestures like this, we are all fighting the fire along with the heroes who put their lives at risk every day.

Thank Firefighters Portugal!

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