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Job Searching Tips

There are no miracle recipes to find a job, however, through an active search, you can get the job that you longed for, faster! Think of the job search, as a full time job, making it a 8 hour, everyday task. That way you probably be able to get a job faster, then all of the people still waiting for someone to knock on their door!

1 - Defining goals and preferences
Before you start job hunting, you must define which duties you’re prepared to execute and in which job sectors. The geographic limits and what is the distance you are willing to travel to work, as well as predefining the target companies.

2 - Documents Preparation
Prepare all the necessary documentation for a job application, such as: curriculum vitae, cover letter, certificates, diplomas and recommendation letter.

3 – Acknowledgement
Always tell your friends, family and even acquaitances about your employment situation. How would they know that you are unemployed and looking for a better job, without you telling them.

4 – Active search
You can find a lot of job offers in employment sites or in classified ads in newspapers. Registering to recieve job hunting sites newsletters and checking your email regularly can be very efficient on the job hunt. Remember, if you are the first to reply to a job offer, it can make all the difference.

5 – Sending an job offer application
Always send applications either in reponse to job offers from companies or to your target companies, via email, except if the job offer refers sending it otherwise. If you have the opportunity to go to the company, don't hesitate on doing it, as it is a good oportunity to try influencing the decision on your behalf.

6 – Show that you are willing to work
A few days have passed and you still din't get an answer to your application. Contact the company in question to find out what is the point of the situation. Try talking with the person responsible for the recruitment and show all of your interest on that job offer.

7 – Telephone Interview
After analyzing the applications it's frequent to have a selection of candidates by telephone (telephone interview). React naturally, always with good manners and politeness, and if it's not the best apropriate moment, be sincere and ask to be called later.

8 – Face to Face Interview
Always do research about the company in question, before your face to face interview. Dress appropriatly and don't forget that image is your golden ticket. Show yourself confident in your capabilities, with interest and try to have an inicial conversation to "brake the ice".

9 – After the interview
After the interview, even if you feel optimistic with how it went, continue with the active job search, as the final result might not be what you expected. So don't waste any time!

10 – Don't waste opportunities
Before refusing a job offer, go to the interview and find out what your main duties are and what the company has to offer. Who knows if the duties and the company's growth prospective will go further to what they presented in the inicial description.

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