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1 - What does Temporary Work consist in?

Temporary Work consist in a contractual relationship between 3 agents:

  1. Temporary Work Company;
  2. Temporary Worker
  3. Temporary User

It's with the Temporary Work Company that the temporary worker signs the contract with, being the temporary work company responsible for the payment of wages, the payment of social security, tax and accident insurance. The Temporary Work Company is also reponsible for the selection of the temporary worker and for the folow up of work done by the employee with the user. The user, normaly is a company, and it's where the employee will carry on the job related duties.


2 - What are the benefits for the temporary worker?

Oportunity: Access to the job offers in accordance to your skills and career expectations.
Motivation: We favor the integration and we create oportunities to do curriculum within our User Client.
Experience: Oportunity to be in contact with various segments of the market, integrating great projects in different bussiness areas, allowing you to enhance your skills.
Career: A good performance may give you the possibility of becoming part of our clients company's board.
Legality: Complying rigorously with all the legal obligations, guarantees stability and security to our employees.
Payment: Payment guarantee of all monthly wages and of all proporcionals due by law.


3 - After registering, how long does it take to present me with a job offer?

The time depends on how many requests are made by the companies our clients.


4 - What kind of work does Timing have to offer me?

Timing works in and with various activity sectors. In accordance with your work experience, training and personal motivations, we will provide you with a job solution, that best fits your profile.


5 - Who is my employer?

Even though you are working side by side with the user company, your employer is always Timing.


6 - What type of return does a Temporary Worker have?

The same ones that are made in normal contracts, such as, Accidents Insurance; Jobseeker's Allowance (if you've worked suficiente number of days); All the ongoing Social Security benefits, as Timing processes all the payments necessary in accordance to your rights towards this identity (11% Single Social Tax).


7 - When a temporary worker is victim of a work accident who supports the costs of this accident?

The insurance company is whom suports the incidents costs of an accident. The temporary Work Company is responsable for the policy, except when, the user has disrespected the safety rules and of that, resolted in an accident, in that case being the user responsible and the Temporary Work Company is freed from any responsibility


8 - What date is my pay date?

Depending on the payroll closing dates:

  • Forthnight payments
    • First forthnight timetable period 1-15 – payment on the 30th or 31st
    • Second forthnight timetable period 16-30/31 – payment on the 15th
  • Monthly payments
    • Timetable period from 21 to 20 – payment on the 30th
    • Timetable period from 1 to 30 – payment on the 8th or 9th

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