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Temporary Work

Temporary Work

The Temporary Work service provides a fast and efficient answer to companies, to suppress the last minute, urgent necessities, or prompt situations, such as, seasonality, increase of work, sickness or staff holidays. This excellent solution, also allows companies to have the same or a superior income and a visible transition from fixed costs to variable costs.

Para quem procura emprego esta modalidade de trabalho é, igualmente, uma ótima oportunidade. O Trabalho Temporário possibilita ao profissional a sua manutenção dentro do mercado laboral, obtendo múltiplas experiências e qualificações permanentemente atualizadas.

The temporary worker is optimist and is susceptible to new experiences, making him valuable..

The emergency and the popularization of new technologies, such as the internet, ease the temporary contracting, for workers and for companies.

That way Timing, wants to exploit the technical resources, in the way, to optimise the temporary work, simplifying the mode of how the contractors coordenate and learn all the fases to admission of temporary workers.

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