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Timing aims to give their clientes adequate and qualified Human Resources, whatever their most peculiar necessities are.

We try to know meticulously the characteristics of the different companies that look for our services and at the same time, the skills of candidates that are inserted in our data base, trying to conciliate the specifications of both parts.

We, Timing, have highly trained professionals in our board, to give personal and business development services on different areas, such as, Temporary Work, Outsourcing, Contract Management, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Indoor Services.


This service provides a fast and efficient answer to companies. This excellent solution, also allows companies to have the same or a superior income and a visible transition from fixed costs to variable costs.

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The Contract Management frees the client from all the bureaucratic procedures that contracting involves. The company only needs to inform us, which candidate they want to be part of their team and the contracting conditions.

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Timing's Recruitment and Selection aims identifying candidates that acquire a suitable profile, being the charecteristics defined by the client, in accordance with the requirements wanted.

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Timing's Outsourcing mission is to maximise the companies productivity, leaving activities and departments totally to our responsibility.

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Professional Training is an indispensable investment on the modernization and competitivity of orgarnizations. Believing on the potential of Human Resources can translate in a fast readjustment to the mutation of the working market.

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We provide you with presential professional assistance, always looking for better and less expensive Human Resources options.

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