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Terms and Conditions

Legal Information

The website is property of TIMING PEOPLE - Empresa de Trabalho Temporário, Lda., with tax identification number 513465766, and headquarters at Avenida Dr. Carlos Mota Pinto, Edifício Estrela do Mar, Loja A, 8125-109 Quarteira.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to all personal details and aditional information that are given by the candidate in the act of submiting the application. TIMING PEOPLE - Empresa de Trabalho Temporário, Lda., ("TIMING") controls and is responsible for processing the information and personal data. By submiting the curriculum vitae throught the website, the candidate allows to process personal data in order to recruit and select human resources. We advise you to read the Privacy Policy carefully.
TIMING does not gather sensitive personal data of candidares (such as philosophical or political convictions, religious faith, private life and racial or ethnic origin).

The personal details given by the candidates are property of TIMING, and can, at some point, be given to prospective employers.

The candidates can, at any given time, in the terms of law, access their personal details, obtain a copy and ask for its update or deletion, contacting us on the address stated above or via the email address

Terms and Conditions of Website Usage

By using the website, brought to you by TIMING PEOPLE – Empresa de Trabalho Temporário, Lda., with tax identification number 513465766, and headquartes at Avenida Dr. Carlos Mota Pinto, Edifício Estrela do Mar, Loja A, 8125-109 Quarteira ("TIMING"), the user is accepting the following terms and conditions of use:

  1. The usage of this site is merely personal, being prohibited its alteration, duplication, copy, destribution, sale, re-sale and any other forms of exploition, with comercial means or not, without authorization of TIMING.
  2. All intelectual rights, the site and its contents are property of TIMING and companies associated or integrated in the TIMING group, unless stated otherwise.
  3. TIMING assumes a good judgement when compiling and presenting information on the site, which is purely informative and destinated to the professional development of its users . Timing asks that the user checks the accuracy of the data, before making any decision based on the information given.
  4. TIMING does not assure the accuracy, the adequacy, the update and operations of the site and the information on it stored, not being responsible for any loss, damage, revenue expectations or any other flaw that may result in the information stored in the site.
  5. The information included in the site were compiled from different sources and are subject to alteration, without previous warning.
  6. Sending an personal curriculum vitae does not assure that an employer will ask for further information about yourself, be invited to a interview or a job offer, even if the candidate is available and meets the employers expectations.
  7. The possible negotiations between employers and candidates are entirely of the responsability of both negotiating parts.
  8. TIMING does not garante any conditions and/ or duration of any employment positions, obtained through the site.
  9. For the users to have, at all times, knowledge of information that we recieve, how we use them, and in what circumstances they are visible to third parties (only with authorization from the user or in response to legal necessiteis), we publish, on the site, informations about any change in our privacy policy or about new funcions, that, consequently, will use the users information.

Gathering of Information

TIMING may use cookies on their services, emails and adverts. A "Cookie" means a small file, saved by the users computer, which allows us to identify the user every time they use TIMINGs site. TIMING users are free to configure, if they wish, their internet browser, to prevent the instalation of Cookies in the computer. The Cookies work as identification of the computer but not the user personally.

TIMING uses Cookies with the intention of understanding and save the users preferences for future visits, to control adverts, for statistics about TIMINGs traffic and about the sites usage, to improve the users experience and our services in the future. TIMING may contact third parties to help understand the sites users. However those third parties are not allowed to use any information collected by us, except to help us improve our services.

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